Our Story

"HopOn's main goal is to completely change the experience of using public transit and to make the ticketing process as seamless as possible"

HopOn was established in Israel in 2013 and has developed a unique, low cost solution that can be integrated with public transport operators fast and easily.
Our system is secured, simple to use with a one button click solution. Using the ultrasonic HopOn Beacon, our patent pending innovative system offers the operator and the passenger the best experience in public transport ticketing.

The HopOn system was picked by leading Israeli and EU public transit operators,  and supports thousands of vehicles, including buses, BRT, LRT and bike-share stations.


Come and meet us at the following 2018 events:


MWC_2018 at the Israeli Pavilon.                                                       ITTRANS_Logo_EN at Booth #F9


Meet Our Team

  • Amir Rosenzweig
    Amir Rosenzweig
  • Ofer Sinai, CPA
    Ofer Sinai, CPA
    BD & Co-Founder
  • David Mezuman, CPA
    David Mezuman, CPA
    COO & Co-Founder
  • Danny Bukshpan
    Danny Bukshpan
    VP R&D
  • Yossi Elazar
    Yossi Elazar
  • Idan Ziv
    Idan Ziv
  • Shani Rahamim
    Shani Rahamim
  • Neta Tuvian
    Neta Tuvian
    QA and Electronics
  • Yulia Litvinov
    Yulia Litvinov
    UI & UX
  • Maybe You
    Maybe You
    Talented iOS developer? Contact us!

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