Overall Solution

Our seamless platform was built to support all types of mass transit – public and private – buses, trams, trains, metros and bicycle sharing.

We created a universal system, giving an overall solution to support different stakeholders in the transit network – passengers, inspectors/conductors and the operators.

HopOn User Apps/SDK

HopOn passenger app brings a revolution to the boarding process. Passengers no longer need to stand in lines, boarding is easy, seamless and effortless and yet stays transparent to the passenger.

  • Available for majority of mobile platforms: iOs, Android and Windows phone
  • Unique technology, which allows Seamless  validation (either CIBO/BIBO style) and payment
  • No need for cash
  • Pre-Paid, Post-Paid or Pay-as-you-Go style.
  • Secured and reliable
  • Includes Parental control
  • Simple as hopping on a bus/train
  • Android
  • Iphone
  • Windows Phone

Yael, Tel Aviv:

“Since I started using the HopOn app on buses, my  rides are much easier and i never get stuck without change for the bus!”

HopOn Inspect

Our inspection system designated to verify tickets by crossing it with both the company’s servers and offline data. It is Simple to use, fast and secured.

  • Available for all the leading mobile platforms
  • Easily adjusted to majority of existing validation
  • Supports offline inspection
  • Highly credible – impossible to fraud

Full Back Office System

We developed an end-to-end system for operators, with BI visualized information, useful CMS panel and a financial dashboard, all so operators would be able to reach their efficiency potential.

  • Real time validations and payments statistics
  • Analyze routes, departure and destination data
  • Detailed fraud monitoring
  • View and export income and revenue reports
  • Passenger’s profile and behavior profound analysis
  • Call center orientation – data, refunds and profile requests system

Itamar Cohen, CIO,
Dan Public Transportation Co Ltd, runs a fleet of over 2,000 buses in Israel.

“We see a great advantage in working with HopOn, it saves us money, simplifies the boarding process and gives our customers a great ticketing and payment platform.
I strongly recommend HopOn!”

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