Our Unique Technology

We created the "HopOn Beacon" that transfers information over ultrasonic sound waves to the passenger's phone.
HopOn is a patent pending low cost system, and the only system that knows how to work in parallel and support multiple, simultaneous validations.

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  • Smart System

    The HopOn system is a very smart one.
    When a passenger boards, our system automatically detects information about the vehicle line, boarding station and travel fare, and generates a valid boarding pass - with no intervention from the passenger!

  • Inexpensive Validators

    Using our system, the user smartphone directly connects with our amazon cloud based servers which are being used as the validator. Soon as the passenger enters the vehicle and opens HopOn , the app validates his ride automatically, generates his boarding pass and registers the validation on the operator's servers online.

  • Simple

    HopOn is a smart system yet a very simple one to use. It is mainly a one click app for passenger validation and payment so there is no place for mistakes and you always get the fare you deserve.

  • Secured

    Since we operate on the cloud, all the data is backed-up securely online on two different servers. In addition, we send all the information to the operators’ servers. HopOn works with a PCI DSS compliant company, which means all payments are secure, and customers can purchase with confidence.

  • End-to-End Solution

    We incorporate within HopOn all the features that a transit ticketing platform requires: prepaid tickets store; personalized profiles for special discounts such as students, children and senior citizens; travel history; 3rd party payment capability through our web site (parents can purchase tickets for their children and employers for their employees) and many more features to come.

  • Focus

    At HopOn we dedicate our entire attention solely to public transport mobile payment and validation. We work on our solution 24/7, so we can continually offer the most innovative system in our field and provide you with the best mobile fare collection system available.

  • Universal

    Our platform supports all types of public transportation - buses, trams, trains, metros and bicycle sharing, and integrates with existing fleet management systems with minimum customize adaptations.

We Manage Where Other Technologies Have Failed

Not highly spread

Only works with high level androids, less than 20% from the cellular phones.


very expensive hardware.

No multiple simultaneous validations

need to face a machine and stand in line to validate a ticket.

QR scanners
Inconvenient for users

takes time to scan the barcode and works in specific angles.


very expensive hardware.

No multiple simultaneous validations

need to face a machine and stand in line to validate a ticket.

Self ticketing
No validations

supports only payments.

Easy to fraud

buy ticket only when the conductor boards.

Inconvenient for users

passenger needs to manually type the ticket's details.

HopOn Beacon
  • Multiple simultaneous validations.
  • No expensive validators!
  • Enables mobile payments for almost all mobile platforms.
  • A smart and unique passenger validation system – no mistakes!
  • Shortens boarding time.
  • Easy to buy prepaid tickets – anywhere, anytime.
  • Stay connected with your passengers using real time updates.

One By One Validation

10 Passengers
0 Seconds

Simultaneous Validations

10 Passengers
0 Seconds

Award Winning Technology

Overall Solution

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