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The HopOn Platform

Our seamless platform is designed to support all types of mass transit – buses, trams, trains, metros - and shared transportation.
We created a universal end-to-end system that can be easily implemented and operated, simplifying the ticketing process for passengers, inspectors/conductors and operations management.

How does it work?
  • Smart System

    HopOn makes passengers' lives so much easier! Upon boarding, our system automatically detects information about the transport line, boarding station and travel fare, and generates a valid boarding pass - with no intervention from the passenger!

  • Inexpensive Validators

    We have developed a software-based validation process where passengers’ smartphones connect directly to our servers to validate tickets. Passengers just board, open the HopOn app and the rest happens automatically, without expensive validation hardware and the queues in front of it.

  • Simple

    HopOn is very simple one to use. It takes only a few clicks for passengers to buy and validate their tickets. HopOn also makes sure that the right tariffs are applied, so there is little place for mistakes.

  • Secured

    Data security is of highest priority for us! All data is securely stored and backed up on the cloud and on operators' servers. We work with a PCI DSS compliant payment gateway, which means all payments are secure, and passengers can purchase tickets with confidence.

  • End-to-End Solution

    HopOn incorporates all the features that a transit ticketing platform requires: prepaid ticket store, personalized profiles for special discounts, travel history, 3rd party payment capability, parental control and much more.

  • Focus

    At HopOn we dedicate our entire attention solely to public transport mobile payment and validation. We continuously innovate our solution to provide PTOs with the best mobile fare collection system available.

  • Universal

    Our platform supports all types of public transportation - buses, trams, trains, metros and bicycle sharing, for CiCo, CiBo and BiBo validation. It also integrates with existing fleet management systems with minimum customization.

One By One Validation

10 Passengers
0 Seconds

Simultaneous Validations

10 Passengers
0 Seconds

HopOn Passenger App

The HopOn app turns ticket buying and validation into an easy, hassle-free experience. A mobile phone is all passengers need to get a ticket and start their ride – no more searching for cash, queuing up at ticket machines or swiping cards when boarding.

  • Available for iOs and Android
  • Supports variety of software-based validation methods
    for online and offline use
  • For CiBo and BiBo validation
  • Full transparency over transactions for passengers
  • Supports variety of electronic payment methods
  • For pre-paid, post-paid and best-price billing
  • Secured and reliable
  • Option for parental control
  • For any shared and public transport
  • White Label version and SDK available
  • Android
  • Iphone
  • Windows Phone

Yael, Tel Aviv:

“Since I started using the HopOn app on buses, my  rides are much easier and i never get stuck without change for the bus!”

HopOn Inspect

Our inspection system is designed for fast and reliable onboard inspection, both online and offline. Running on handheld devices, HopOn Inspect connects in real-time to the operator’s servers and offline data to check ticket validity

  • Available for all leading mobile platforms
  • Easily adjusted to existing validation methods
  • Supports offline inspection
  • Highly credible – eliminates ticket fraud

Javier, Alicante, Spain

Its so convenient to buy tickets through the mobile phone. I usually buy a 5-pack and then, when I hop on a bus, all I have to do is to activate a ticket with a simple click, as easy as that!

Operator Dashboard

The HopOn Dashboard provides operator a wealth of information on ridership, passenger itineraries, financial transactions and more. Real-time and long-term data is visually presented, letting operators analyze their business and optimize their service as never before.

  • Real-time validation and payment statistics
  • Detailed fraud monitoring
  • In-depth passenger profile and behavior analysis
  • Itinerary analysis
  • Income and revenue reports
  • Supports call centre agents with data for refunds and
    profile modification requests

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