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ECR have finalized acquisition of ECR Vietnam

We are so excited about finalizing the acquisition of ECR Vietnam. In 2018, we ventured to find a development partner in Vietnam, this led to a close relationship with Janeto – a talented team of specialist developers with established and mature complex ticketing solutions. As a result, the company is now proud to announce its becoming ECR Vietnam.

Our teams have already established a great partnership, with the successful self-scan solution and mobile app, launched earlier this year and we are excited to continue working closely together on some fantastic new development projects.

ECR provide a ticketing and booking system for Big Bus Tours, National Express, Bournemouth City Council (BCC) and Auckland Explorer to name a few. Janeto have been instrumental in developing TicketPoS since the start of our partnership that began 18 months ago.

Janeto already work with a number of ferry companies such as: Ngoc My Boat Company & Hue Ferry. We saw ECR Vietnam as an opportunity to expand ECR’s global portfolio with a new vertical. The acquisition will allow both parties to contribute to offering the ferry clients with new and innovative capabilities such as; progressive apps and a member portal log.

To date, the Vietnamese development team have produced some of ECR’s most innovative new ticketing solutions and are set to continue to build on this throughout 2020. With more new projects in the pipeline than in any previous year, the company continues to expand its footprint in the mobile retail and ticketing markets.