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HopOn's Rav Pass APP


Rav Pass is a post-paid and account based mobile ticketing and navigation app for Israel’s public and shared transportation.

HopOn’s Rav-Pass seamless platform supports all types of mass transit – buses, trams, trains, metros – and shared transportation (bikes, scooters, shared shuttles etc.).
With Rav-Pass App, HopOn had created a universal end-to-end system that is easy to implement and operate; and that simplifies the route planning, next bus, and ticketing process.

Rav Pass App makes ticket purchase and validation an easy, hassle-free experience.
A Mobile phone is all passengers need to plan a journey, buy tickets in advance or start their ride without the need to choose which ticket to buy and pay in advance (using Rav-Pass Post Paid), no more searching for cash, queuing up at ticket machines or swiping cards when boarding.

The Israeli Ministry of Transportation wanted to offer country’s 9 million citizens a simpler way to pay for public transport. Over 15 transit agencies operate buses, trains and shared mobility in Israel, with limited payment options that required passengers to top up a physical card at vending machines or pay in cash directly to drivers, Rav-Pass is a real change to the local industry.

Passengers wishing to benefit from discounted plans needed to plan and pay in advance of travel, and any outstanding unused passes (daily/weekly and monthly) were a simple loss.
The Covid-19 pandemic proved to be the final catalyst for introducing a simpler means of paying for public transport, as the transit agency prohibited the use of cash payments onboard buses and trains to keep social distance.

Unlike other ticketing systems, Rav Pass App calculates passenger journeys based on the distance which being travelled at the end of every day and once in a month and charges the passenger the lowest price accordingly (using daily/weekly/monthly caps), ensuring that any price caps or discounts are applied automatically to the customer’s advantage.

Currently, the system is operated in a CiBo model and will be upgrade to BiBo in the future


Key features of the Rav-Pass app, as deployed throughout Israel:

● Available for iOS and Android

● Supports a variety of software-based validation methods– location-based, QR’s, NFC, Beacons.

● Supports Zone-priced and distance-priced methods.

● Fully interoperability among different transit operators – buses, trains, cable railway

● Account-based ticketing which is operate in both online and offline environments

● Full transparency over transactions for passengers

● Supports a variety of electronic payment and wallets and tokens.

● Supports prepaid, post-paid, with daily/weekly/monthly best-price billing

● Supports coupons, loyalty programs and credits, rewards, and incentives

● Secure and reliable

● Can be applied for any shared and public means of transit

● Fully scalable – new operators can join at any time


“HopOn offers passengers seamless mobility across Israel on shared and public transportation. With the Rav Pass App passengers can enjoy a hassle-free ride, while their account is being charged once a month with the best plan based on the distance and frequency of their rides through the month”
Asaf Saban, CIO, Dan- Tel Aviv’s public transit company, Israel