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5 Ways To Increase Retail Sales Using Mobile POS Technology

Mobile POS systems offer several key benefits to businesses who want to increase their sales and are particularly useful in the retail, leisure and hospitality, in-flight, restaurant and ticketing industries where the ability to move around to interact directly with the customer is a huge advantage.

The costs of these systems are low, the technology is easy to adopt and there are significant benefits in terms of business security, customer data protection, business efficiency and customer service.

Let’s take a closer look:

1. Optimising employee time
You want your retail staff to be doing what they do best – engaging with customers, helping them with queries, facilitating their experience and generally applying their broad skillsets in order to drive sales. However, if your retail staff are forced to spend their time checking personnel, tallying daily sales transactions or querying orders offline, their availability on the shop floor will be minimised. A mobile POS system can deliver your back-end work quickly, efficiently and accurately – freeing up time for customer engagement and sales activities.

2. Faster checkout
Touch screen technologies mean that payment processes can be expedited, reducing queues and allowing staff to deal with complex and large orders in a rapid and efficient way. The technology works particularly well in retail, restaurant and entertainment businesses, where mobile solutions can be used to deal with group orders in a fast and accurate way. This leads to faster processing times overall and better customer service.

Every sales transaction affects your stock levels and traditional earlier systems required laborious stock control, tracking and ordering systems that were independent of payment processing. Today’s POS systems track every order via the sales receipt system and then adjust inventory orders and stocking accordingly. The system can even be configured to automatically re-order goods when stock levels hit a defined low. This automation is a powerful feature with total accuracy and the ability to free up management time for other tasks.

3. Avoid showrooming
Showrooming is when a customer uses their smartphone to find better prices for an item while they peruse a store in person. However, if your staff are available to the customer and able to engage effectively, they minimise this risk and expertly guide them to making the purchse, with excellent service – from assisting the customer to find the right product to immediately processing the payment there and then in a few quick steps with the mobile POS terminal.

4. Offer loyalty schemes
Mobile POS systems can also be customised to offer loyalty schemes that mine customer data and match suitable offers according to the parameters set by the business. This offers your retail brand the chance to really delight the customer in a new way and encourage their loyalty.

Exceed your customers’ expectations and enhance their experience over and above the competition to keep them coming back time and again. With smarter POS technology, your handheld terminals will deliver your staff with all the information they need to greet customers by name, refer to relevant previous purchases, trends and preferences, and to guide them knowledgeably and efficiently. For the customer, this adds tremendous value in terms of customer experience, and for the staff, it reinforces their value as informed and trusted advisors.

5. Hardware intergration
Mobile POS system can also be integrated with other handheld, and fixed terminals and tablets, to get the most from the software and to ensure that staff can be in place across the areas of highest traffic in the store with the technology at their fingertips to offer a range of services – the sales transaction itself, stock checking, price checking and real-time reporting for intra-day sales activity monitoring. Employee shifts and movements can also be monitored and commissions can be managed.

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