About HopOn

HopOn provides seamless mobility and data collection solutions for public and shared transportation.
With our proven m-ticketing platform, passengers enjoy hassle-free travel across urban networks while operators improve their efficiency and reduce OPEX. Based on a patented, hardware-free validation process, our solutions support any ticketing scenario (CiCo, CiBo, BiBo) and regulatory requirement.
Built for the public transportation of the future, the HopOn platform allows operators to smoothly transition to post-paid, account-based billing and best-price models.
Our cloud-based technology provides real-time data on passenger volumes and journeys, enabling PTOs, municipalities and smart city organizations to analyze trends and optimize their service.
The HopOn solution has been implemented in major European cities and integrated with leading banks. Tens of thousands of passengers travel with HopOn every day, without standing in line to buy or validate tickets.

Award Winning Technology

Meet us


  • Amir Rosenzweig
    Amir Rosenzweig
  • Ofer Sinai, CPA
    Ofer Sinai, CPA
    BD & Co-Founder
  • Danny Bukshpan
    Danny Bukshpan
    VP R&D
  • Nadav Moskovitz
    Nadav Moskovitz
    VP Products

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