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Air Serbia

When Air Serbia Catering began looking for onboard EPoS system, ECR presented the team with a smart solution to enhance the catering service on Air Serbia’s fleet of 20 Airbus A320 aircraft. The prerequisite was to present cabin crews with an intuitive and fast responding system to manage the introduction of inflight sales.

ECR quickly responded with a unique and world class solution. AirPoS, with the most up to the minute technology, specifically designed for airlines and inflight sales. The solution is designed to run on the Go2 all-in-one handheld device, enabling crews to minimise charging thanks to the long-life batteries and single charge point, along with avoiding any need for pairing devices.

An added challenge was the short lead time, with a commitment to provide the service to passengers within a two-month timeframe.

The ECR team stepped up to the challenge and within 8 weeks, crews were flying out of Belgrade onboard the first EPOS-equipped aircraft, and within the first week alone, sales had leapt into five figures.

The hand-held terminals and built-in software handle product sales, as well as card and cash payments, all via the same unit. The units are fully contactless-enabled, and use RFID technology offering a future-proof system that can work seamlessly with future loyalty programmes and passenger experience aspects as and when they are introduced.

The system is fully PCI compliant and EMV levels 1 and 2 certified.

The rollout of 40 handheld terminals, along with the cloud-based back office system, has been extremely well received by both crews and head office staff.

At Head Office, data is collected from every journey, and every sale, presenting the client with huge possibilities for data mining supporting all aspects of the business, sales projections, marketing and stock management to name but a few. The FlexMonster reporting tool delivers data in formats that present users with tailor-made reports and facilitate management across the onboard operation.

With the connectivity moving smoothly between wifi and 4G, when an online environment is available, crews need not worry about transmitting data, and Head Office staff are confident that all data they receive is near-real time as possible as soon as the aircraft reaches the terminal.