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ECR Bolsters Airline Expertise with New Recruit

Having worked for the award-winning Emirates Airline as a Flight Attendant and travelling to more than 70 countries, Jade Baker shares her unique experience from her time as Cabin Crew…

We are pleased to announce that we have recently welcomed a new member to the ECR family. Jade Baker has joined ECR as Project Manager and will be supporting the growing team with its strong commitment to delighting our clients and expanding the business.

Having worked for the award-winning Emirates Airline as a Flight Attendant and travelling to more than 70 countries, Jade brings a wealth of valuable experience and skills to this role. She will have responsibility for supporting projects across the board and helping ECR evolve to that next level.

We caught up with Jade to find out about more about her time as one of the Cabin Crew at Emirates Airline, and how her previous experience will help her in her new role.


Q: What attracted you to ECR?

I was initially attracted to ECR, as I was a fan of its EPoS system and the services on offer. As I have been on the other side, a cabin crew user of EPoS Systems, I knew I could relate to ECR’s customers and understand their underlying needs from a user’s point of view.

Q: Tell us about your time at Emirates as a member of the Cabin Crew?

During my four years as Cabin Crew, I travelled to over 70 exciting and very distinctive countries. The job had its challenges, yet it was still a very stimulating and rewarding lifestyle. I loved working in the cosmopolitan environment, alongside many colleagues of different cultures and nationalities.

What did you enjoy most about your role as a Flight Attendant?

It would definitely be meeting new people every day! There was a lot of interaction with customers and it was great to meet so many people who were all traveling to different destinations, from various parts of the world. I particularly enjoyed making a positive difference to each individual’s travel experience, which will continue to be important in my role at ECR.

What sort of challenges did you face as a member of the Cabin Crew?

Time. Time. Time. Time quite literally flew by and as a member of the cabin crew for one of the world’s largest airlines, it can be challenging to complete all the necessary tasks in a timely manner. For example, working on an Airbus A380, that can seat over 500 passengers – it was sometime tough to meet every passenger request!

What would you say makes the biggest differentiator between a ‘good’ on-board experience and a ‘great’ one?

Good is what is expected, whereas great is achieved by adding that personal touch for the passengers. Travelling can be an extremely exhausting experience and when people are tired, emotions are heightened, so it’s important to minimise all disruption to passengers as much as possible.

What could make an in-flight experience more pleasant for customers?

A smooth in-flight service experience, and having the right Duty Free, food and beverage available to the passenger. It is also important to ensure customers that are sitting in window seats are not missed out and are given the attention they deserve.

What could make an in-flight experience more pleasant for Cabin Crew?

I think having the most reliable up-to-date and portable technology on the flights to take orders and track stock is crucial, and can make life much easier for the cabin crew.

In your opinion, which factors contribute to maximum customer satisfaction?

The journey starts from the very beginning, from when the customer books their tickets to checking in online and dropping their baggage off at the airport. There are many factors to take into consideration when managing customer satisfaction, and it can be improved at every stage of the journey. Consistency with excellent service is key too.

Where does ECR’s payment technology and solution fit in to delivering a better experience for Cabin Crew and Customers?

ECR’s Go2 solution is fantastic as it allows cabin crew to take seat orders for passengers and manage stock levels. ECR’s Go2 device also gives crew the confidence to takes orders seamlessly. More than anything, it helps us help the customer.

What are you looking forward to most at ECR?

I joined the team mid-way through a few of the projects, so I have had a lot to catch up on. I am very excited to start a project from the very beginning and seeing it through. It will be great to experience to start the journey with the customer from the first conversation, all the way to deployment. The feeling of achieving results and seeing how everything falls into place will be incredibly rewarding. Onwards and upwards!

Welcome, Jade – we are excited to be working with you, and hope you enjoy being part of the ECR family!