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ECR Retail Systems Launches Self-Scan Ticketing to Transport and Travel Operators

New system combats ticket fraud, cuts boarding times and increases revenue

London, UK – November 2018 – ECR Retail Systems (ECR) the leading London-based MPoS specialist, has announced the launch of its self-scan ticketing solution, following a successful pilot phase in conjunction with partners in Vietnam. The service, available to transport and travel companies through ECR’s TicketPoS software active in 14 countries worldwide, speeds boarding, combats fraud and removes the need for material tickets.

This innovative service encompasses all the functionality of TicketPoS and delivers autonomy to the passenger. Operating with ECR’s exclusive hardware, central to which are the company’s own Go2 and GoFree for instant ticket validation, passengers self-scan whilst boarding as well as disembarking, according to client preference.

The fully PCI compliant solution collects fares through multiple means including RFID smartcards, contactless payments and all mobile wallet payments including ApplePay. The system operates in both offline and online mode, switching without user intervention, and ECR also enable protection against chargebacks for offline contactless payments. The system uses GPS tracking to map activity to the nearest 10 metres.

Clients benefit from total visibility of onboard activity in real-time, whilst passengers are able to browse and purchase tickets via an online portal as well as via a dedicated passenger app. 


Users have the option to create an account to further facilitate future purchases and tickets can be validated onboard from the second they are purchased.

Regardless of purchasing channel, the ticket the customer receives is the same ticket that can be used for travel. This removes the need for sales staff to re-engage with customers at point of boarding leaving them free to concentrate on customers wishing to purchase on-street or onboard directly with card or cash. Additionally, it reduces paper and facilitates auto-upgrades and upselling.

Simon Pont, CEO, said “Transport operators are under increasing pressure to increase revenues and combat ticket fraud, whilst passengers’ expectations for faster boarding and flexible ticketing options to suit their lifestyle are increasing exponentially. This solution enables our clients to increase revenue and meet passengers’ needs from day one. TicketPoS is based on ECR’s sophisticated, smart technology which has been proven across the globe, and now further enhanced with self-scan capabilities.”

Bao Pham, Sales Director and joint founder at Janeto, added “ECR’s focus and experience in mobile ticketing has been a major factor in delivering such a successful trial. This self-scan technology delivers exactly what we set out to achieve: a clear visibility of onboard operations, removing the need to issue paper tickets on boarding, whilst closing the net on ticket fraud and duplication. In turn this has a great impact on passenger satisfaction levels, even increasing passenger use of the service.”

The launch of ECR’s self-scan TicketPoS solution follows the launch of the ECRGo2 – the industry’s first fully-certified, all-in-one contactless, handheld mobile point of sale (MPoS) device and the GoFree mobile terminal. Both devices run ECR’s unique TicketPoS software and means that the system can be used as a wider strategic business tool that provides smart analytics about retail trends for marketing, logistics and customer service teams.