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EPoS Will Play a Critical Role in a Post Covid-19 World

We all know that the pandemic has impacted the sector heavily, with Government restrictions both in the UK and worldwide preventing tourism for large periods of time.

Yet, industry leaders have remained strong and steadfast in the face of adversity and are seizing the crisis as an opportunity to further enable the inclusive and sustainable growth of the sector.

Businesses and destinations alike have adapted to the changing times, even offering virtual experiences as they work to re-inspire travellers and restart the sector.

ECR client, Visit Scotland, has engaged with travel lovers by “Bringing Scotland to You” – using creative ideas, delicious traditional recipes, fascinating history trips back in time, interactive eBooks and inspiring videos, in a bid to provide people with inspiration to explore Scotland once travel restrictions lift and people can travel safely.

Stay-at-home orders have also led to digital acceleration with more consumers becoming adept at using technological solutions in everyday life whether to pre-book tickets and food/beverages or shop online.

Statistics from the World Travel and Tourism Council reveal that 66% of consumers are already using less cash and moving toward a contactless solution in a bid to minimise their physical contact with people and surfaces.

So, as things start to re-open and we face a new normal, what next?

COVID-19 has provided an opportunity for changes in the sector and better preparation for the future.

A leaner and more agile approach to the development and deployment of technologies, including EPoS and MPoS solutions, will be key to remain competitive and meet consumer expectations.

Integrated digital point of sale solutions that enable safe and seamless travel will be fast-tracked to reduce physical contact and time will be of the essence to ensure businesses survive beyond the pandemic. It is now, more than ever, essential for businesses within the travel and tourism sector, to find an experienced team that can work within time constraints to deliver an EPoS solution on-time and within budget.

Travel lovers will want to limit face-to-face interaction with touchpoints across their journey. They will expect to view menus on their devices and place food and drink orders directly from their phone or device before travelling or while at their seat.

It is understandable that the adoption of digital EPoS solutions may seem a little daunting and challenging for some, particularly for remote and rural locations, which often lack the connectivity, but they will be essential for a quicker revenue recovery.

In this context, businesses should seek partnerships with EPoS providers like ECR Retail Systems, who can ensure a seamless end-to-end ordering connection.  Our ‘Customer At-Seat & Pre-Ordering Point of Sale (PoS) Solution’ enables consumers to pre-order online or at seat so that drinks, food, and destination tickets can be offered for delivery on board during the journey, whilst providing businesses with full stock and cash control all in one system.

In summary, as the travel and tourism sector navigate these difficult times, businesses needing an EPoS solution will be expected to accelerate from initial concept to product launch in record time in a bid to sustain revenue and retain consumer numbers and this is where ECR can help!