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“From Warzone To Buffet Cart”, Read What SmartRail World have to say about us…

“From warzone to buffet cart”, read what SmartRail World have to say about us…

Empty-handed, cashless pockets but starving hungry – it’s somewhere we’ve all been on board a long train journey. Now there is one 40 year old company keen to make changes to our travel experience by delivering a software which allows customers to make secure contactless payments.

 This new terminal enables train operators to reduce the number of devices currently required to take payments and enables rail companies to meet VISA and MasterCard’s contactless mandate, which states that merchants accepting payments from these payment networks must establish contactless payments as standard by the end of 2019.

Naturally, this raises urgent strategic device upgrade choices for train operators and associated industries to consider.

In this special feature we discover more about ECRGo2 software and gain a greater insight into changing demands of the digital passenger. Our reporter Emily O’Dowd spoke to ECR Retail Systems’ CEO Simon Pont who strongly believes this is the “first all-in-one contactless mobile point-of-sale payment… to improve the customer experience for the modern passenger.”

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