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How An Effective MPoS System Can Improve Customer Satisfaction

The maxim that the customer is always right applies to retailers, restaurants, travel services and other businesses, even as their traditional customer landscape continues to change drastically. The customer, wherever they are, expects less fuss at the checkout, no waiting for the bill, and no queueing for the only ticket machine at the station.

Businesses large and small are adopting mobile point of sale systems to improve efficiency and effectiveness and keep up to date and pace with those customers, as the way they shop, buy services or consume products changes. The key to customer satisfaction is a speedy and accurate journey with minimal impact or delay when it comes to paying, but it can also help play a role in building relations and boosting customer service.

1. The changing face of customer interaction
In retail, especially for fashion and shoes, a customer can enter the store, and if seen by a sales assistant to be searching for a product, they can leap in. A tablet-based MPoS system linked to the stock system can help find the right size or colour of an item, allows the customer to pay for it and pick it up on the way out, rather than braving the queue for the tills or customer service.

This more personal style of shopping can return stores to the days of staff on the floor and not marooned behind a bank of tills. It can help encourage engagement, upselling and provide the customer with a better opinion of the retailer, making them more likely to return or spread the word.

2. The road to boutique
Partly driven by the rise of local mini-supermarkets, shoppers are taking a greater interest in their local stores, high-street boutiques and markets. This coincides with a rise in food fairs, arts and crafts festivals, conventions and so on, seeing many stores going mobile for the weekend.

Bringing MPoS makes it easier for customers to buy quite expensive products that they wouldn’t usually bring cash for. Not willing to miss out, supermarkets are bringing their own pop-up stores to these events, again aided my MPoS. Whatever the product, more businesses are seeing these events as a valuable second source of income and opening their business to a wider audience, all of which can provide a steady stream of satisfied customers if the option for speedy hassle-free payment is there.

3. The digital ticket era

MPoS perhaps has had the greatest impact on customer satisfaction with those perennial bugbears, our transport systems. Trains and buses see millions of people looking to sort out complex journeys each year, and the availability of a human being with an MPoS system to help out has saved many from outright tears.

As these systems mature, tickets downloaded to user smartphones, helping to avoid lost ticket issues, the provision of live delay/diversion/platform changes and other information can all help the transport company improve its service. Focus on this area to see how MPoS will impact other areas as these businesses look to reduce the stress load on their customers and customer service agents.