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In-flight. Delivering Excellence at 30,000 feet

At ECR, we develop MPoS (Mobile Point of Sale) solutions that drive transactions at the exact time and place when people are ready for them to be processed.

In an age of global high-speed transportation and time-poor passengers the simple things are more important than ever. Create a good experience with perfect customer service and people will want more.

The development of our mobile solution, together with ECR’s unique handheld terminals for on-board and in-flight catering on trains and planes was driven by a need for providers and their staff to gain an accurate view of sales, while controlling revenue reporting and management.

Importantly, passenger preference has also revolutionised our offer. Increasingly, profit margins are tighter and passenger expectations are increased when it comes to the in-flight experience. We understand how vital this is to your business and have created a solution that offers a multitude of options to deliver on all counts.

The Technology

AirPoS has been designed to integrate with your IFE system, and can take payments in any format (card, contactless, mobile wallet, cash, loyalty points…). We understand also that the challenge lies in how to maximise this, which is why we can enable your systems to receive payment, for example, for movies, seat upgrades, magazine or content downloads – you name it.

We integrate with your CRM, and enable your passengers to store payment preferences and, with advance passenger data, can deliver tailor-made offers to their own mobile device during their flight. The benefits are huge, and may even be adapted to stock on board on an aircraft-specific basis, ensuring minimum wastage and maximum client satisfaction.

We asked our teams to imagine how they would picture their ideal flight and we have delivered. Ask us how our systems can deliver passenger information to your crews, enabling them to greet by name and suggest a favourite snack or refreshment… The sky really is the limit.

The Benefits

ECR are committed to using technology to provide first-class customer service, which not only enhances the customer experience but also improves the back office functionality of the organisations we work with.

Technology may be advancing rapidly, but whilst many of these solutions put the onus on the customer, the ECR solution is built to allow customer facing staff to take control, providing an excellent and memorable level of service.

Our MPoS solution provides companies with a unique and exclusive mobile device with functionality which enables them to reduce costs, produce tailored stock and sales reports, access real-time replenishment prompts.

Key benefits of the system include:

  • Monitoring on-board/in-flight catering performance, enabling operators to tailor products to customers by journey and time of day
  • Cost reduction through management of stock flows
  • Access to in excess of 350 tailored reports using the ECR reporting tool
  • Real-time replenishment prompts, reducing the need for manual completion of paperwork, meaning catering bars can stay open longer during a journey and duty free products sold with ease
  • For passengers, the system also makes it easier to purchase goods and refreshments and presents a professional image
  • The on-board system is easy to use and intuitive and provides complete visibility of every transaction made

Each aircraft is stocked and its manifest loaded via a touch screen. Retail transactions are logged on the system and all sales, stock, wastage, tender and operator information is then sent back to head office for review and analysis.

Contact us now to find out more about how we can tailor AirPoS to benefit your business.