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LeipzigMove is a regional MaaS platform, released in June 2020. It gives passengers access to multimodal public transport and shared transport options across the city. LeipzigMove was developed and is operated by TAF mobile GmbH, part of Hopon, and is currently LeipzigMove used by more than 150,000 registered customers.

The Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe required a solution that would prioritise easy access to multi-modal travel from travel planning and payment. It was vital that the application could cover any type of transport mode with easy onboarding and incentives to join the scheme. The solution supports Leipzig and its environs with a population of over 600,000. The Leipzig public transport company needed to meet sustainability targets, as set out in the Leipzig 2030 urban development concept. Consequently, LVB needed a solution that would be a catalyst for change, and raise not only awareness among transport users but also generate demand, reducing the number of single occupancy car journeys whilst increasing public transport uptake.

Since launch, together we have helped to achieve a real reduction in CO2 emissions, reducing congestion through initiatives such as safer and accessible ride sharing (safety was a high concern identified from passenger feedback. This led directly to introducing member identity, background and licence checks prior to approving members to
access ride-sharing within the system), improving sustainable transport options in suburban areas (empowering passengers to compare modes of transport, not just by journey time and cost but also by electric, self-powered, and clear low-emissions choices within the application). Equally, we have supported an increasing number of transport options with intermodal connections, introducing unlimited new MSPs and encouraging concepts such as e-scooters and bicycles in the city area, as well as “call-a-bus” on-demand services. The application has
been enhanced with algorithms that advantage both passenger and MSP by calculating best routes for all passenger requests within specified windows.
Routes are “closed” to changes at a definable point in time, and passengers can travel with confidence in the ETA and journey times whilst operators can maximise efficiency in terms of time, fuel, emissions, and capacity

LeipzigMove by TAF mobile supports all types of travel in Leipzig. Building and nurturing relationships between Leipzig Move, the MSP and ourselves as system providers was essential to ensuring uptake. Critical to this was the ability to adapt the system enabling mobility providers to charge and receive funds according to their preferences, as well as managing their pricing, accessing their data and dashboard operations quickly and reliable, as well as rapid onboarding. 



The basic mobility offer from LeipzigMove is local and long-distance public transport in the MDV area, which includes parts of Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia, facilitating travel across buses, trams, trains and on-demand bus services. The LeipzigMove application also enables users to plan, book and pay for shared means of transport including rental bikes from Nextbike, and rental cars from Teilauto. These types of services are available to a LeipzigMove user throughout Germany. In addition, users can choose and include other modes including e-scooters from Tier and Voi, and taxis with selected local taxi providers. In all instances, we reflect the passengers’ choices, presenting as many options as they wish or that are available

The offer is continuously being expanded in order to be able to offer LeipzigMove users additional service functions. Real-time traffic data for buses, trains and central parking areas in the city deliver truly reliable, realtime data enabling users to choose the best available mobility offer at the precise time and place that they need it. At the same time, this increases the goal of more sustainable transport in the city.

The LeipzigMove app offers the user an uncomplicated way to make daily journeys without having to queue at ticket machines or search for cash. In LeipzigMove, users can choose between various electronic payment methods such as Amazon Pay, credit card, mobile phone bill or LVB’s own monthly option, billed from a single source for the entirety of the user’s mobility costs. As a result, our client, LVB, can present a range of different products for very different customer groups. Supported by the big data captured within our central database, sales reports and customer segmentation data facilitate targeted marketing activity. We have developed push and in-app messages, used for upselling, cross selling and promotions for example, presenting relevant, targeted offers to customers. Equally, these functions enable immediate information updates such as current traffic disruption in the public transport network, again in real time.

Incentivising more frequent public transport choices has led to development of further options including an upgrade option LeipzigMOVE+ Registered Move+ users pay a small monthly fee (currently 6.90€) and then save 50% on short-distance, extra and single tickets. The fee is small enough to present a saving to even occasional users, and has proven to increase frequency of travel (data analysis from customer travel and purchase data pre- and post- upgrade). To prevent abusive use of discounted rates, users must commit to an initial 6 months, after which then can cancel month on month.