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The Big Bus Company

Our first truly global system was developed for the Big Bus Company operating across the company’s fleet of buses in 19 worldwide locations.

The system used the Go2 all-in-one handheld terminal, supporting ticket sales in cities such as Las Vegas, Budapest, Shanghai, Sydney, Paris, Miami, Dubai and Hong Kong, London and New York.


The fully mobile, contactless and mobile-wallet enabled handheld terminals were selected for street vendors and drivers to sell a wide range of tour as well as attraction tickets to tourists.

Integrating with the client’s international online booking service, TicketPoS enabled sales and validated tickets with a further range of options supporting upselling and fraud management.

Fully PCI and EMV certified, each terminal requested transaction approval online via 4G connectivity, allowing for a smooth and rapid transaction for customer and operator. Designed with an inbuilt fast, silent thermal printer to issue receipts and a QR code scanner ensured any form of ticket (on-screen, printed at home, e-tickets as well as that purchased on-street), would be instantly validated and the client admitted without delay.

The system was also designed with features including a dynamic QR code system to combat ticket duplication; instant display when a ticket is at the end of the validity period – for example, a 24-hour ticket which becomes valid from the first scan.

From head office, sales monitoring in real time and by location, city-wide. This enabled management to pinpoint hot-spots and deploy agents from quieter to busy areas throughout the day.

Extensive reporting tool for BI via ECR’s back office reporting tool.

Benefits of the system:

  • Tickets printed from the same device used to process card/cash payments
  • QR Codes issued from online bookings via third-party sites instantly recognised and validated
  • Easy to use and intuitive, with screens designed by Big Bus’ own head office users
  • Easy to adapt and translate software for any number of destinations & languages
  • Ability to profile each route, including origin locations, using the data, for effective route planning and sales forecasting
  • Live hot spot monitoring for easy staff redeployment
  • Ability to add or remove any tour or product from locations