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Virgin Atlantic Wifi Announcement

VIRGIN ATLANTIC WIFI ANNOUNCEMENT – Good news but what’s next for customer experience and airline growth?

We are pleased to see the recent announcement by Virgin Atlantic that it has introduced WiFi on all its flights, making it the first airline in Europe to offer in-flight WiFi across its entire fleet of 39 aircraft, with passengers able to remain connected shortly after take-off until shortly before landing.

However, we at ECR Retail Systems, believe that the airline industry needs to do even more to embrace innovation, deliver a greater customer experience, and with that drive ancillary revenues and airline growth. 

There is far more untapped potential for airlines to consider the entire customer journey, and to sell relevant goods and services at the appropriate moment through the most convenient payment technologies. Globally, airlines are facing challenging times as they strive to drive profitability and compete. Beyond selling seats, the focus is on driving ancillary revenues through new service offerings and with this, customer experience and personalisation has become a key differentiator for the sector.

If you’d like to discuss any of the above issues in the airline industry or receive an editorial article contribution on the implications of this Virgin Atlantic announcement by Simon Pont, CEO at ECR Retail Systems, then please get in touch.