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Visit Scotland

As the national tourism organisation for Scotland, it was essential that Visit Scotland implement an integrated EPoS and ticketing system. Deployed across all 26 information iCentres, the system was required to support staff and customers alike, improving existing processes as well as improving services to both visitors and suppliers alike.

ECR proposed their latest LeisurePoS solution, along with the mobile handheld Go2 all in one terminals. The cloud-based and platform-agnostic solution could also run on existing hardware which presented important economic and environmental savings rather than replacing equipment unnecessarily.

The solution requirements were broad, spanning not only products and stock management but also covering ticketing (including online and third party sales agent channels), in person and via webstore.

The solution

A vital part of the new solution is its ability also to capture customer information, and encompass personalisation. This extends to printed personal data on tickets (digital and physical), as well as purchase and account information.

LeisurePoS interfaces with multiple third party systems for Visit Scotland, including the accounting and BI systems, running APIs and giving real time visibility to a wide range of departments and users.

The system has a sophisticated and powerful reporting suite, with its own database that can be interrogated independently of the main system ensuring no impact on processing time and fastest ever reporting even across large datasets.

Vitally, LeisurePoS is entirely modular. A single client login gives access to every module that the client requires and can be scaled at any time to include new modules and functionality. These include Retail, Stock and Ordering, Ticketing, Customer Management, Reporting, Venue and Event Management.

Supplier and stock management, orders, deliveries and returns are managed through the realtime, cloud-based system. Head office maintains a live view over all activity estate-wide.

Portable handheld units perform all the operations as per a fixed point till whilst being completely independent. This gives staff the ability to operate seamlessly from any location and switch between sales locations as and when required. Bookings and reservations, admissions and sales can be easily managed online and offline, from the user’s HHT.


The ticketing journey has been both simplified and improved, with staff now able to manage and maintain tickets, products, prices and offers quickly and easily.

Data collection is now effective and carried out at multiple touchpoints giving the client valuable customer data and access.

The client can now accept all required payment types.

Live reporting and dashboard views over all operations from one single back office.

Cost efficiencies and savings across orders, stock management, as well as retail including a huge range of offers and promotion management tools.