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Which POS System Should I Use?

Today’s electronic point of sale (POS) systems can help businesses to enjoy better security. efficiency and customer service in new ways.

Today’s PoS systems offer powerful benefits that can easily justify a business case. Not only are they used in restaurants, shops and other customer-facing physical businesses, but they increasingly enable the delivery of sales transactions ‘on the go’, or in parts of the world where services need to be delivered flexibly and without a physical shopfront, for example, with banking services in rural parts of the developing world.

This means that business customers have an excellent degree of choice, especially when considering a fixed PoS system or a mobile technology system. The latter is an emerging area that offers particularly interesting benefits, including:

Management information and sales-reporting in real-time
Accurate logistics with automated stock control features
The ability to manage staff, commissions and performance, including the ability to account for specific activities such as split journeys for traceability and costing purposes.
The ability to stock and restock en route
Stock accountability at each responsibility transfer point
System-automated prompts for staff to carry out H&S activities, a database of nutritional and allergen data to respond to customer queries, a messaging service, fridge temperature checking alerts and stock checking reminders.
Activities can also be linked to specific journeys and departures to improve transparency and management reporting.
Industry-specific solutions.



Within the mobile PoS sector, there are also specific offers that are tailored to suit the needs of varied industries, with solutions such as:

1 . For ticketing businesses
A ticket PoS system allows businesses to sell tickets on buses, coaches and other mobile locations, with sales and credit card transactions being handled on the same system for enhanced security and efficiency

2. For leisure businesses
LeisurePoS offers leisure, hospitality and entertainment sectors the payment software, terminals and management solutions that they need to offer accurate, flexible and rapid customer payments, with enhanced customer service, management reporting and operational efficiencies. The Leisure PoS system accepts payments in varied currencies, credit and debit cards, loyalty schemes and gift vouchers. Every transaction is PCI compliant and the system offers intuitive product ordering screens, enhanced data security and real-time management reporting.

3. For airlines
AirPos offers a mobile POS solution to maximise in-flight sales revenue and to vastly simplify the end-to-end process of offering an onboard retail offer. The system offers the same level of control and visibility as ‘on the ground’ systems, with the first contactless, all-in-one and fully-certified mobile MPoS device offered by ECR.

4. For banks
This new technology is changing the way that developing countries can access banking services, and it has broad business application and opportunity across the world. The system is wholly integrated and offers complete traceability for audit purposes and transparency of service – making it ideal for private sector and governments alike. A powerful back-end reporting tool offers real time information and revenue transactions are delivered entirely securely via a handheld PoS terminal with GPRS connectivity, integrated banking and an inbuilt printer. The system eliminates fraud and ensures total traceability of all customer transactions, with printed receipts for deposits and other banking services being provided to the customer. This technology is already revolutionising the way that First National Bank in Ghana can deliver its service to customers in non-branch areas.