Vectalia, Alicante HopOn Powers Spains’s First M-Ticketing App Partnering with HopOn, Vectalia is the first Spanish public transportation operator to offer passengers an m-ticketing service. Currently in use on municipal bus lines in Alicante, the HopOn solution improves operational efficiency as it decreases boarding time. The platform being software-based and supporting any validation and pricing […]


DP Hradec Kralove Spearheads the MobileTicketing Revolution in the Czech Republic After introducing the HopOn mobile ticketing solution for municipal transportation, Hradec Kralove has become the first Czech city to offer residents a seamless travel experience.  The award-winning HopOn platform fully supports the public transportation operator’s existing ticket types and validation process, with only a […]


Dan Seamless Mobility on Public and Shared Transportation in the Greater Tel Aviv Area BackgroundWith a population of 3.7 million residents, greater Tel Aviv is Israel’s largest metropolitan area. While a metro system is currently under construction, public transportation is dominated by buses.  In recent years, the Tel Aviv municipality set up a bike sharing […]

Dan Beer Sheva

Dan Beer Sheva Efficient public transportation is one of the top priorities that the city of Be’er Sheva has defined in its quest to become Israel’s first smart city. A comprehensive mobile ticketing solution, powered by HopOn, enables cashless and hassle-free travel on the entire urban network.  Implemented within as little as three months and […]

Lübeck Ferries

Lübeck Ferries Stadtverkehr Lübeck introduced m-ticketing on the historic ferry link connecting the Priwall peninsula to the mainland. With the mobile system in place, car drivers no longer wait in line to buy their tickets and ferries now leave on time. With the HopOn solution providing a comprehensive back-end, SV Lübeck has now accurate data […]

Rav Pass for Schools and Students – Israeli

Rav Pass for Schools and Students – Israeli Rav-Pass is a post-paid and account based mobile ticketing and navigation solution deployed across Israel’s public and shared transportation network. The Rav-Pass seamless platform, developed by HopOn, supports all types of mass transit: buses, trams, trains, metros, as well as shared transportation (bikes, scooters, shared shuttles etc.).With […]

HopOn Rav Pass APP

HopOn’s Rav Pass APP Rav Pass is a post-paid and account based mobile ticketing and navigation app for Israel’s public and shared transportation. HopOn’s Rav-Pass seamless platform supports all types of mass transit – buses, trams, trains, metros – and shared transportation (bikes, scooters, shared shuttles etc.).With Rav-Pass App, HopOn had created a universal end-to-end […]

Ticketing. Paris and beyond…

Ticketing. Paris and beyond… Safeguarding the future of Paris institutions At ECR we pride ourselves in developing MPoS ticketing solutions that are built around the needs of our customers and which raise standards of the entire consumer experience. We understand that simplifying the entire process of managing a mobile payment solution further enhances the level […]

In-flight. Delivering Excellence at 30,000 feet

In-flight. Delivering Excellence at 30,000 feet At ECR, we develop MPoS (Mobile Point of Sale) solutions that drive transactions at the exact time and place when people are ready for them to be processed. In an age of global high-speed transportation and time-poor passengers the simple things are more important than ever. Create a good […]


Retail The retail market is notoriously competitive and it’s important to gain an advantage wherever you can. From new retail outlets to established multi-national brands, ECR’s mobile-enabled retail EPOS system provides a dynamic solution for you and your customers. There is no better way to improve the way your retail business operates in today’s busy […]