Seamless Mobile Ticketing For Public Transit.

Seamless Mobility

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How It Works?

  • Step into a transit vehicle.
  • Get a valid boarding pass.
  • Relax and take a seat!
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HopOn is a smart system yet a very simple one to use. It's a "one button click" app/SDK for journey validation and payment, so there is no place for mistakes.


We developed the "HopOn Beacon" which transfers data over BLE & UltraSonic sound waves to the passenger's phone, enabling us to support Seamless, Simultaneous validations and payments.


Our Technology automatically detects all the necessary information in order to generate a valid boarding pass soon as the passenger boards and get off (CIBO/BIBO style), without any other passenger intervention.

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  • Yael , 28

    Tel Aviv

    "Since I started using HopOn, boarding process got much easier and I never get stuck without change for the bus ticket!"

  • Tal , 30


    "It's time to get rid of the smart card, convenient payment experience , fast, efficient and environmentally friendly."

  • Samuel, 25


    "After a massive usage in the application for the past few months, it seems like the next best thing in the public transportation world. Simple and easy to use, fast, and most importantly, saves boarding time."

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